Trintxera Adult Hot Sexy Lindsay Lohan as Marilyn Monroe?

Hot Sexy Lindsay Lohan as Marilyn Monroe?

Lindsay Lohan’s life has been the subject of media investigation. Yet, one thing stays without a doubt – she’s most certainly one hot and sexy big name who has kept our eyes stuck on with everything she might do. What’s more, as of late, she acted like Marilyn Monroe in the new spring style issue of New York magazine. Reproducing Monroe’s unbelievable 1962 last photo shoot, Lohan said she was happy with being nude before the camera. Brought into the world in New York, 21-year-old Lohan started her vocation as a kid style model for magazine ad and TV plugs. At age 10, she started her acting profession in drama. She made her movie debut in 1998 by means of the Disney revamp of The Parent Trap, in which she played indistinguishable twins Hallie and Annie.

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